My Perfect Day

Have you ever played with the idea of what your most perfect day might look like? 

Through our yoga training program, we guide participants through a process of self discovery, where they become clear on their life purpose, known in yoga as dharma. When we understand why our parents came together and miraculously created us, our lives start to make sense. We can then begin to live with clear direction, and start creating a life of ease (sukha) and fulfillment. Our Perfect Day assignment gives practitioners a chance to explore their deepest dreams and greatest desires.
It’s very cool when we carve out the vision for our lives and then one day find ourselves smack in the middle of what was once a conjecture of the imagination. On Friday I came pretty close to my Perfect Day, ironically on World Yoga Day. 
My day began with a sunrise class at the Bedford studio, and upon arriving I was greeted by a group of our Breathing Space teachers. I spontaneously said, “Wow, I leave my home and come here to family.” In my class we focused on generously offering love to ourselves. As Barbara’s daughter Amelia left the studio with her posy of friends, she yelled out “See you later, I Love you Mom!” After an abundance of hugs and a few intimate conversations, I was off to the Truro Breathing Space, where more of the same occurred. 
I then joined my parents and my sister with her babes and ate lunch with juicy little munchkins on my lap. As I was leaving the parking lot, I reached out and gave my mother’s hand a squeeze and said “Hey Mom, thank you for my life.” As our eyes exchanged love, I saw her heart soften by these simple words of gratitude. 
On my way to Moncton, I had a beautiful business call with Steve from the Halifax Breathing Space, where we expressed genuine caring for one another (yes, business calls can be beautiful…and caring…and productive). 
Once in Moncton, I enjoyed a quiet meal at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, Calactus. After a few minutes of small talk with a very attentive, patient woman with a toddler, I found out she was a single mom doing her best on her own. 
Before she could grab her bill, I’d already paid for her meal. With disbelief in her eyes, she approached me and said, “No one’s ever done that before; I don’t quite know how to thank you.” “You’re doing it by the way you’re parenting her,” I replied. I was totally uplifted by her expression of renewed hope. 
I had generated so much love that by the end of the day, I curled up in bed, glowing with warmth and happiness.
With many of us now enjoying summer work hours, this is a great time to sit back with a blank page of a journal and write down all that you love, admire and long for. Then put that all together and construct a plan for your Perfect Day. 
I’ll be waiting to hear what comes through you!