World Yoga Day

Imagine one lifestyle change that could ameliorate most physical health challenges, enhance your mood, instill peace, bring harmony to your relations and help you live a more passionate, fulfilling life? Would you do it? Of course.

This is why over 1.4 million people in Canada and over 250 million people worldwide are taking to their mats to do Hatha YOGA.

Although this movement practice is over 5,000 years old, it continues to feed a deep need in our human existence. As we continue to become more technologically advanced, we are also becoming ever more disembodied—a huge cost to our well being.

We all want exercise that intelligently challenges our bodies and builds lightness, strength and openness. We all long for a few moments of calm to catch our breath amidst the mad rush of life. And we all crave a more intimate connection with our inner self. This is why I chose to devote my life to Yoga 13 years ago.

This week, we are proudly celebrating World Yoga Day, where people are gathering together in most pockets of the world to honor this ancient wisdom tradition. Breathing Space is doing our part by having Celebrations at each of our locations this Friday, June 21st.

From outdoor yoga, belly dancing and locally grown snacks to early morning sunrise classes, we will take the day to recognize this special practice that is transforming lives and releasing burdens.

Happy World Yoga Day Everyone, take a breath, reach high and enjoy the abundance of life,


 PS: I will be teaching at the Bedford Studio (6:30 to 7:30am-June 21st)  and would love for you to join me, whether you’ve tried yoga before or not!  Call 832-9642 to register.