There's No Place Like Om...

There’s No Place Like Om…

I chose this theme for the upcoming Berwick Yoga Fest but do we even know what ‘Om’ means? 
A few weeks ago when I was teaching in NFLD, I mentioned their ‘Omwork’ for the next month. They reacted with snickers and wise cracks, thinking I was attempting to speak Newfinese. Apparently it’s common to eliminate the H at the beginning of words? No really, I did say Om…
The word Om, or Aum, is a term described in yoga as a seed sound. Aum contains within its three syllables, the primordial resonance of the entire universe. It holds a unifying essence for all of us, expressing the vibration of energy that’s found in every material structure, from stone walkways to banisters to babies.
When we tune in to ‘Om’, we return ‘home’ to our true nature and our interconnectedness with all of life. What is our true nature? It is the part of you that knows without having to think. It is the part of you that is whole and beautiful and divine. It is the part of you that also exists in everything else. Om reminds us that we are all one. 
Chanting, contemplating or breathing to the sound of Om brings our awareness to the expansive creative force of the universe that flows through our lives each and every day. 
When recited regularly, you may notice old grievances releasing their grip, or feelings of loneliness being replaced with a sense of belonging, or a simple yet profound quality of peace guiding you. This week, I invite you to occupy the pauses in your day with the seed sound of Om.   
For a deeper exploration into Om… and yoga, live music, meditation, delicious food and great people, join us July 5-7th at I look forward to sharing this enriching experience with you.