Remedy for boredom

Flying above the majestic shores of the NFLD coast, I’m struck by the miraculous beauty of the natural world. It’s easy to sense the grandeur of the universe when we experience the wonder of a dramatic coastline, but what about those more mundane experiences of our everyday life?

The Bhagavad Gita reminds us, “I am unchanging, indestructible and everywhere. I am found in all individual beings and in every object. I exist within each and every activity of daily life and I permeate every moment.”
Imagine waking up and living each day with the perspective that everything and everyone is a sacred expression of the universe? Consider how you might treat your belongings, or the earth, or the people who share this life with you, if you viewed it all with this degree of reverence?
Our lives suddenly become much more captivating when we assume the attitude of reverence and awe. It’s tough to feel indifference or boredom when we experience miracles on the way to work, or recognize divinity in the crosswalk guard, or acknowledge the magnificence in our own reflection. 
This week, let’s take on the adventure of seeing everything in our lives as sacred. And before too long we’ll all be singing India Arie’s catchy tune, “I see the God in you.”