If we were all taught to care.....

As my four year old daughter described her new learning station of caring for a plant at Montessori school, I noticed a sweet longing arise within me to be that plant. 

With meticulous care and detail, she described how she fills a watering tin and sprinkles the soil until it’s moist. Then she dampens a cloth and gently cleans its leaves. Finally, she sprays its petals with water and wipes down any surrounding spills that occurred throughout the process.
Imagine being on the receiving end of all that tender care and attention, so freely offered by wee hands and hearts? I can’t help but wonder how different our society would be if all our children were taught to care for life in that way in early childhood.
In the wake of Rehteah’s suicide, I not only mourn the many who’s lives have been permanently damaged (or taken) from being bullied, I also mourn the immense poverty of those inflicting such harm. Have they never felt the tender care of a loved one? What circumstances must they be enduring themselves?
From my bird’s eye view of life, we are seeing glimmers of hope for a more respectful humanity, extending beyond the magic of Montessori. We recently received a video from a teen who was bullied at a very young age and found himself regularly contemplating suicide in his grade 11 year, until he experienced yoga. 
In a touching statement, he shared his gratitude for Yoga Grade 11 and his amazing teacher, who helped him feel okay again. He has learned that no matter how he’s been treated in the past, he is worthy of trustworthy friendships today.  Instead of harming others with his rage for his mistreatment, he has chosen to use it as fuel for spreading goodness.
For Rehtaeh and her family, let’s affirm our commitment to creating the kind of communities that reflect our highest potential by consciously living with the same respect and care that our Montessori children bring to caring for their plants.