Seeking more peace and deeper connections?

We will only experience inner calm and true connection when we become aware of our habit of judging others. 

Here’s a pretty typical example of judgment and it’s limitations. In conversation, a woman turns quiet, politely withholding her judgment that the people sharing are out to lunch. Her husband shares the same opinion, but aggressively speaks out, imposing his judgments on others. When they have time alone together, they exchange judgments and leave the interaction feeling right and superior, but no more connected to themselves or others. 
Our small ego self, is constantly at play in our relationships, seeking to run the show. When it’s successful, judgment and criticism are usually the two hands on the wheel.
Though we might not realize it, or care to admit it, our deepest desires in life are to feel peace and connection. But the habit of judgment can become so ingrained that we lack any kind of awareness of its destructive powers in our life.
In yoga, we seek to uncover the truth of reality. The truth is that judgment selfishly serves our ego, that part of us which feels insecure, jealous and disempowered. I use the word selfish because it is focused on individual need alone. It’s actually a very small, constricted way of living, like picking the same food item on the vast buffet of what life has to offer. 
As we spiritually evolve, we are compelled by a sense of service and we accept our responsibility to contribute positively to the lives others.  Can you sense the difference between judgment and positive contribution? When our commitment to service takes the wheel, we become flushed with fulfillment, peace and an immense connection to life.
This week, let’s notice our habit to judge, and replace it with the question: How can I contribute positively to this situation?