A day in the life of YOU

Have you ever done something and then afterward reflected back on your behavior?

The yogis actually put a name to this process of reflection, calling it recapitulation. I have personally found this to be a very profound part of my spiritual development, helping to align me with my core values of living with compassion, integrity, love and harmony.
Let’s take a moment to bring to mind someone who you admire as a glowing example of how you hope to show up in the world. Write down the qualities and traits that you aspire toward and put them by your meditation zone or bedside table. 
At the end of each day this week, set aside some time to be quiet in an area where you won’t be distracted. As you breathe deeply, let your mind wander through your day, from start to finish, as though you’re watching the movie of “A day in the life of YOU’.
You’ll likely notice a few situations or conversations where you could have behaved differently, perhaps responding coherently instead of reacting flippantly. Here’s where our spiritual practice comes. It takes great discipline to be with those moments of imperfection with a neutral attitude, without praise or blame but it’s a key part of personal growth. Now read through your list of ideal character traits, assess what behavior doesn’t align with them and create a more inspiring scenario for the future. 
By bringing mindful awareness to our lives through the practice of recapitulation, we can very smoothly start to evolve into the person we are aspiring to become. And we all know that when we commit to our highest vision of ourselves, we inspire others to do the same.
Enjoy the movies!