Reflections on intentional weight gain..

After too many days of feeling chilled to the bone by our maritime winter, I recently decided to pack on a few pounds to see what would happen.

My intention was to enhance my mental endurance and I wanted to increase my physical comfort by adding a layer of insulation. Besides, what sounds more attractive—cold, drawn and dry…or…warm, bright and plump? 
My plan: to increase high calorie healthy foods such as pancakes, avocados, nuts and seeds, organic milk and whole fat yogurt. I also upped my water intake to ensure I was flushing the additional metabolic waste from increased digestion.
Here are my uncensored findings after 2 weeks:
It wasn’t as easy as I thought, since I was still exercising 1.5-2hrs/day
Virtually everyone who’s attempting to alter their weight is trying to lose weight, whether they need to from a health standpoint or not. 
It was fascinating to ‘turn conditioning upon itself’ as spoken in the sutras. It took a lot of reminding to let myself eat more, as I am well conditioned by my disciplined mind.
Even my seven year old asked with concern in her eyes, how much weight I was planning to gain (a reflection of her conditioned views on the female body already).
My added layering actually pleased my husband. Note to women, I think most men prefer a curvaceous woman. It’s the media that pushes skinny.
While I’ve moved beyond the desire to look a certain way to please society, I was struck by a niggling fear that I might no longer ‘look the part’ of leader in yoga if my shape changed. This emphasized the improper messages that are being sent out to our communities about who should or could take up yoga.
I slept more soundly and longer.  
I felt mildly warmer and definitely had more energy. 
Overall weight gain: 2 lbs. I guess I need to keep going. I’m shooting for a 5lb gain in total.
Why the weight gain? The body types that enjoy the best health are those that are slightly plump and flushed with energy. I am appreciating the feeling of being more insulated and I’m seeing great value in challenging the cultural influences on my perspectives. 
What radical change could you make in your life in order to turn your conditioned mind upon itself?