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Camino Reflection

Most of you know that I spent last week in Spain, walking the final 120km of the Camino de Santiago. Interestingly, the one distinguishing difference between my two Camino experiences is my regular practice of yoga. The last time doing the Camino I was a dabbler of yoga and desperate for direction and peace in my life.

Back then I was entrenched in the ‘doing’ way of life, fully subscribing to the belief that faster and stronger were somehow better. My measure of a good day was how efficiently I completed that leg of the trek.

Join me on the Camino

Prayer is life. Prayer irrigates the earth and the heart.
St. Francis of Assisi

I live for those moments when synchronicity strikes. When we look at one another with stunned expressions, wondering how anything so perfect could have occurred solely on its own account. You know the kind I mean, like the time I walked the Camino de Santiago 11 years ago.

The Teacher's Path

“This yoga journey has awakened me to living a conscious, balanced life of inner peace. I feel the power of love, compassion and gratitude every time I step onto my mat.”
Teacher training graduate.

This weekend, we will be conducting our eleventh teacher training graduation ceremony. There is little else I love more in life than facilitating these teacher training programs, because I have the honor of witnessing heart’s awaken.

From self-sacrifice to self-care

By the time the baseball size tumor was found in my grandmother’s abdomen, it had spread throughout her system. Months before she had quietly reported discomfort to her doctor but when the hospital phoned to book her in, she sent her husband for a check up instead.

This is a dramatic, but true story of how women for millennia have struggled to express their needs. Although the necessity for self care is widely discussed in female circles today, it continues to battle for first place with its opponent, self-sacrifice.

New York, New York

This past week I snuck away for a 48 hr solo trip to NYC. Upon arriving, I dumped my stuff and headed for the streets to take in the electric city that people rave so favorably about. My virgin perspective on big cities had me in awe at the numbers of people packing the sidewalks and stores on a Sunday evening. How is it possible for a city of that size to function as smoothly and efficiently as it does?

My mind wandered to a concept called Entrainment, which occurs when our own biorhythms (bodily cycles and rhythms) synchronize with the rhythms of our environment.

Boost The Meaning In Your Life

The yoga tradition teaches about four aims of life, which guide us toward our potential for wholeness—vibrancy in body, mind, emotions and relationships).
• Sensual pleasure (a challenging one to manage responsibly)
• Financial wealth to fulfill our basic needs and support our dharma
• Dharma—the inner drive to offer our god given gifts to the world through work
• Lastly, the inherent desire to attain freedom from worldly suffering.

Embracing life, death, life...

This time of year is symbolic in so many ways of the natural cycles of the universe. One of Blair’s most profound teachings in our teacher training programs is the concept of life—death—life.

Everything has a season for living and a season for dying. When we buy flowers, their petals are still curled and brimming with potential. At the peak of their lifespan, we showcase these flowers in our homes and enjoy their radiant blossoms. As they begin to wilt and run out of steam, we remove them and toss them in the compost.

Mother Daughter Wisdom

It takes a very strong person to be a student of one your children, and it takes an equally strong person to step into the role of teacher for one of your parents. Enter Michelle Robinson, owner of Breathing Space Bedford and her mother, Liz Hicks.

When Michelle began teaching yoga, Liz knew nothing of the practice but felt compelled to support her daughter’s new career path and so, attended a class. Three years later, Liz herself has gone down the teacher’s path, sharing her own brilliance with the world.

Stress Management Tips

Given so many of you are not close enough to join me for Yoga to ease Stress and Anxiety, I’ll share some goodies with you here.

Blair and I have been teaching his signature Stress Reduction Program for about 10 years now, but only last year did I glean the true value and significance of yoga and meditation for today’s stressful times.

The Miracle of Child Birth

“Help me Jenny PLEASE!” cried my friend Heather. I felt helpless, knowing that only she could do the work required to push this baby into the world. Having been asked to be her birthing partner, I stroked her face when she rested and held her tightly when another contraction arose, providing as much reassurance and love as possible.


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