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Saved By Laughter

A few weeks ago, I had returned from a weeklong conference and thought it would be nice to have a girl’s breakfast at Cora’s. Although I was pleased to be with my children again, my heart was heavy and my mind was distracted by a serious family issue.

As we walked toward the restaurant I struggled to be present, until my dear friend Jolene passed by, glowing with lightness and beauty. Throughout our brief conversation, I imagined her holding up a mirror, reflecting back to me just how depressed my energy had become.

Wake UP and Live it UP!

I know a woman who’s in the last phase of her life and still repeating the same ineffective relational patterns of her childhood. Hence, she continues to live at the same level of dissatisfaction, disharmony and struggle that she experienced as a child. This is a common cycle for us humans and it begs the question, why?

Label Jars Not People

Label Jars Not People—this is a phrase my parents taught us as children. We even got a family set of T’s made up with the phrase on the chest.

It also reflects one of the basic principles in non-violent communication. The moment we give someone a label, like “You’re stupid” or “You suck at hockey,” we’re judging and criticizing, which Marshall Rosenberg calls evaluation.

Flowing with the tides

In the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, there is a saying that “You can not step into the same river twice” because nature is always in a state of flux.

A few weeks ago, we did our annual pilgrimage to PEI, a paradise I’ve enjoyed for most of my life. The first few days were spectacular, warm, sunny, calm and quiet (see photo). We also had the additional bonus of having my parents with us so each morning Blair and I shared beautiful beach walks.

The Essential Human Trait...

My friend Randall is an emergency Doc in Calgary. When asked how he deals with the trauma and loss that he witnesses on a daily basis, he replied “Well, Doctors have to remove themselves emotionally to some degree, but if we do too much, it becomes dangerous.”

It becomes dangerous in any circumstance when a person disconnects completely from the thread of human experience. In fact, the only way we could ever be capable of bullying, raping or inflicting violence on someone else is by assuming a perspective of separation from the whole.

Forty and Feminine!

Walking the shores of PEI on the full moon, I contemplated my fortieth birthday and the decade to come. For much of my life, I viewed the feminine as weak and inadequate. I now realize that my work here in this lifetime is to embrace her energy of love, creativity and compassion. Interestingly, many world leaders in science and spirituality believe that the survival of our species depends on our willingness to embody the feminine. This poem is the result of my reflections… 

Your Destiny Awaits You


After a dramatic plea during a shopping spree at the mall this week, I reluctantly bought my eldest a dashing white ‘wedding dress’. When we arrived home, she came prancing out of her room with a proud, bright grin on her face. My breath stopped as I gazed in astonishment at the image before me.

Olympic Inspirations

Hello friends,

Hasn’t it been an exciting few weeks with the flurry of Olympic activity? The Games tend to leave us all inspired to strive for better in our own lives. But the media’s glamour and gloss is one perspective, and having worked with many of these athlete’s, I know that most of their time is spent in a different reality.

Newfoundland Beauty

I’ve just returned from a five day trip to NFLD, where I trained a group of teachers in yoga. It was an entertaining exchange: I taught them Sanskrit (the language of yoga), while they taught me Newfaneez.

Last night, just before I caught my flight, Rose Marie and her husband Troy (who’s native) took me on tour, showing me the legendary ‘Man in the Mountain’ and the beautiful Humber River. At the entrance of Marble Mountain, Troy pulled over to show me the majestically detailed Totem Pole his cousin had carved.

"Healing through Connection."

Hi friends,

I am enjoying my final few days at Berwick Camp, a camp that I’ve attended each summer of my life. There are people here who cared for me like a parent when I was a child, people to whom I can now return the same care as they age.

There is also a young boy here who is very special to me, since I taught his mother prenatal yoga when he was in utero. About four years ago, after a battle with breast cancer, she died peacefully, trusting that her husband, along with friends and family, would raise her little one.


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