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Day 14 of Inner Radiance Cleanse

 Two weeks down, one week to go until the pinnacle day of Dec. 21st!

 It is said that RIGHT NOW, we have the greatest opportunity for evolution.

 Some of you have wholeheartedly dedicated yourselves to this path of waking up to higher, more effective and peaceful ways of living. Many of you have just begun with this cleanse. Regardless of how long, the point is you’re here.

Day-7-Inner Radiance Cleanse

We adults have a tough time of it—we’ve somehow forgotten how to rest when we’re tired, to cry when we’re sad, and even dance when we’re inspired.

Join the Inner Radiance Cleanse

Well we’ve made it to December 2012 and despite the apocalyptic predictions, the earth is still (somewhat) in tact. While some say we are closing in on the end of a 5,000 year old cycle, others claim it’s more like a 26,000 year period. And although this evolutionary transition is occurring over a 30 year period, general consensus tells us Dec. 21st 2012 is the peak date.

Breathe, focus and win..

It was such a close game that the outcome was totally unpredictable, until the referee made a few bad calls in a row that favored the other team. With only moments between sets to recover their heated emotions, the boys couldn’t seem to regain the necessary focus to pull off a winning score.

After the game, Coach Fran Dunn called her friend, Rick Scott, coach of the Dal women’s Volleyball team for some sage advise on how to harness her excitable, yet capable players.

Ego vs Truth

It might have been the naked photos that caught my eye, but this week I picked up Blair’s latest Vanity Fair and read the article on ‘the’ Kate Moss. Apparently she has a rare ability to let the media craft stories about her as a heroine addict and anorexia, without attempting to publicly correct it. She simply focuses on doing her work, and doing it well.

Act Now, Spread Peace!

This week marks my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I believe that the 35,000+ people who’ve read 120,000 pages is proof that humanity is craving positive news. Thank you everyone for your support, it is my hope that my life perspective continues to serve you in the future.

The Flared Pinky Pattern

During my hilarious debut as a model in the Turbine Showcase a few weeks ago, my friend Pierre Yves noticed that I walked the runway with my right pinky flared. When I saw this photo, I had a childhood flashback of my mother proudly modeling one of her newly hand-sewn outfits…with her pinky extended, Fancy Nancy style.

Survival Against all Odds

This summer, while visiting PEI, I became engrossed in Blair’s book “Unbroken”. Written by Laura Hillenbrand, who authored Sea Biscuit (my favorite movie), her latest book is about war veteran Louis Zamperini who magnificently demonstrated the true capacity of the human spirit. 

As a young track star, he was six-tenths of a second shy of running the fastest indoor mile on record. But instead of fulfilling his gold medal dreams at the Tokyo Olympics, he was assigned the role of bombardier in the Army Air Corps and sent to war.

Living Authentically

Authenticity: being true to one’s own spirit, regardless of perceived external pressure to be or do otherwise.

After spending much of my week writing and revising my key note speech for the Mount’s 38th Annual Business and Tourism Conference last night, I sat down Wednesday night to meditate and was suddenly flooded with fear. Oh No! It’s a business conference—they’ll be expecting to hear cutting edge news on social media and marketing, not my story of a resurrected life!

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower, which is represented within the Breathing Space logo, is an ancient symbol in the yoga tradition, known as one of the greatest plants in the aquatic world. It’s meager beginnings start submerged in mud at the bottom of the pool. As it grows, it perseveres through the murky waters, gradually emerging to rest on the surface.


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