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Happy February Full Moon

With the full moon shining her light upon us tonight, I thought I’d share an astrological excerpt: 

Emotional Upheaval

Have you been experiencing emotional upheaval lately? In Ayurveda, when addressing someone’s health, we always consider inner and outer environmental conditions. With the storm and high winds, it came as no surprise that this weekend’s teacher training program was filled with emotional intensity and fluctuations.

 Unfortunately for us in the west, we generally have very little intelligence when it comes to managing our emotional health, resorting to blame, victimhood, violence or withdrawal.

Above all else, this is ours to remember...

 Enamored by the glory and honor of being a soldier, naive 16 year old Abe lied about his age and headed off to war. After killing over 200 men as a sniper, being patched together by inebriated doctors and thrown back out on front lines, he returned home as a hero…and a traumatized man.

 Years later, when his wife of 35+ years died, he began to lose his own battle, with the bottle. One day his son got the call. His father, a brave and kind war vet, had succumbed to the disease of alcoholism. The soldier’s son? My beloved husband Blair.

The first seven years.

Today, my first born is 7, which stands as a very significant landmark in her growth. Our lives are governed by natural cycles and the ancient sages who studied the intelligence of nature, identified that human development occurs in 7 year phases.

Who has time for that..

Structure is an essential element in our lives, giving us a framework within which to live. In terms of yoga, we consciously create structure in the core of our bodies through our bandha system. Without it, we experience instability. But what happens when we impress too much structure on our lives?

Take a moment to reflect on the demands you place on your daily life, and the lives of your offspring. We live in a culture that has every minute accounted for, rushing from work to school to hockey to dance and so on.

MC Yogi Rocks!

Imagine the rap culture infused with lyrics like “Namaste, share peace” and “Give your love away.” Well it’s happening and the young, radical MC Yogi is leading the way. I recently had the opportunity of experiencing him live in an intimate setting in San Fran, where he was born.

To provide you with some context on this growing celebrity’s life, here’s an excerpt from his website:

The magic of receiving

In my last blog, I shared my despair about the violence in the world, and then was reminded that love is always here—sometimes we just need to look for it.

Well this story tells us that we don’t need to look for love at all, because it’s looking for us…

Yesterday, a good friend of mine decided to pay off a parking ticket that she’d acquired when her baby brain had forgotten to fill the meter.

Love is everywhere...

Hello Friends! From now on, I will be posting my blog on Mondays, so we can apply these tidbits of yogic wisdom throughout the week.

I’m starting the year off with full disclosure. Recently I have noticed myself becoming pre-occupied with the drama of world news, particularly the death of the med student in India.

India, of all places! The motherland…the birthplace of yoga, where my soul awakened to love and truth! How is it humanly possible to inflict such violence on another?

Taking Responsibility


In a fit of anger, she stormed out of the house. Spotting a mound of fragile shells on the driveway, she let her heated emotions loose by stomping all over them and crushing them to pieces.

When I was informed that my 4 year old had destroyed her neighbor’s treasures, I took her hand and guided her out to the scene of the crime.

“Honey, let’s talk about this mess. You know I love you no matter what, and anything you say will not change that, okay? Now instead of claiming you dropped the shells by accident, I invite you to stand tall and tell the truth.”

Is it the end or the beginning?

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a butterfly!”

Yesterday I heard two receptionists talking about Dec. 21st. One said “Are you ready for the end of the world?” The other replied, “Yup, I’m eatin’ whatever I want tonight!”

It’s Dec. 21st 2012—the end of the Mayan calendar, the transition from Kali Yuga (dark age) to Sat Yuga (the Golden Age), the new age of Aquarius! It’s a date that is indeed brimming with potential.


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