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Jenny Kierstead Blog.

Nothing ever dies...

A spiritual teacher once told me “Nothing ever dies, it just changes form.”

Observe desire and get rich

In August, 2012, the Globe reported that for every $1,000 a family earns, they are in debt $1,500, owing mainly to mortgages and credit cards. 

Remedy for boredom

Flying above the majestic shores of the NFLD coast, I’m struck by the miraculous beauty of the natural world. It’s easy to sense the grandeur of the universe when we experience the wonder of a dramatic coastline, but what about those more mundane experiences of our everyday life?

If we were all taught to care.....

As my four year old daughter described her new learning station of caring for a plant at Montessori school, I noticed a sweet longing arise within me to be that plant. 

Seeking more peace and deeper connections?

We will only experience inner calm and true connection when we become aware of our habit of judging others. 

Open your Laughter Channels

Happy April Fool’s Day! Ever notice how quickly children respond to a suggestion to have fun? Unlike us serious, overworked, homeowners, children don’t need to open their laughter channels—they’re already flowing. This morning my four year old put a dog bone in the oven and told Blair to check out the chocolate cake we made him. 

A day in the life of YOU

Have you ever done something and then afterward reflected back on your behavior?

Reflections on intentional weight gain..

After too many days of feeling chilled to the bone by our maritime winter, I recently decided to pack on a few pounds to see what would happen.

A man's relationship with gratitude.


On the weekend, a fellow yogi was describing the difficult relationships she has with her husband’s brother and sister. She described them as negative to the point of toxic. Despite their charmed lives, they remain dissatisfied with their lot in life.



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