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Thanks for the great times...

Here I stand on the beautiful, majestic grounds of my Aunt and Uncle’s homestead, nestled beside the Kingston Creek in NB. Growing up, this was a moment I had always dreaded; the moment I’d have to say goodbye. Aunt Mabel died many years ago, but Bob held down the fort until a few months ago, when he moved to a senior’s home with progressive dementia. Although the homestead is still inhabited by family, it’s not the same without them.

Red Heart Strings

After many months of planning for the Berwick Yoga Fest, it finally all came together this past weekend. During the captivating concert by Kirtan Soul Revival, Helen invited us to close our eyes and imagine a network of Red Heart Strings connecting each individual to the other and then extending that connection out to the whole world.

Trashing Fear

We had been working on it for months and finally a few days ago, Blair walked into the kitchen and said “Today’s the day BooBoo rides her bike.” I outwardly supported his optimism but deep down I questioned her readiness.

My Perfect Day

Have you ever played with the idea of what your most perfect day might look like? 

World Yoga Day

Imagine one lifestyle change that could ameliorate most physical health challenges, enhance your mood, instill peace, bring harmony to your relations and help you live a more passionate, fulfilling life? Would you do it? Of course.

This is why over 1.4 million people in Canada and over 250 million people worldwide are taking to their mats to do Hatha YOGA.

A life changing elective

“Before I set foot in your class I was wallowing in self pity and hatred, blaming those who had hurt me and taken away my happiness...” Yoga 11 Graduate

Grieving skillfully

At some point in our lives, we all have the experience of death, when the pain seems so great and the suffering so deep that we question how we’ll survive. And while we have a perfect mechanism for healing—called the grief process—very few of us grant ourselves the permission, time or space to use it. 
The grief process tends to unfold in three phases: first we retreat away from life to grapple with our new reality; second we work through it and face the pain; third we resolve to move on and re-organize our life. 

Softening the Edges of anger

One day, the criticism and judgment grew so loud that she just stopped. Her immense artistic talent and her degree in art and design were shoved into the back of the closet, where they laid dormant for many years.

Living an INSPIRED Life

Do you find it challenging to live an inspired life in a world that accepts mediocrity and misery as defining qualities of existence? Well it’s possible and this weekend I met a man who embodies inspired living.


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