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I am Shakti

This is a poem I wrote as part of the new Girl on Fire Program that I am designing to empower our female teens to thrive in this world. I’ll be presenting this exciting work to teachers next week in New Brunswick. 

Mountain Pose...Anywhere,Anytime

Jammed into our foyer closet in an attempt to be invisible, I press my backside against the narrow wall and tell myself that I’m taking this fun game of hide and seek much too seriously. Despite the fact my jovial golden doodle is madly wagging her tail and sniffing through the cracks, my five year old, who gets easily distracted by food and crafts, takes ten minutes to find me. 

I'll have just one more...

“I’ll just have one more, and then I’ll tackle this unhealthy habit.” 

Live your Dharma

“It’s better to do your dharma imperfectly than to do someone else’s perfectly.”

Hug yourself healthy...

Last week I had a visit with a friend whom I’ve not seen for 15 years. Mel and I go way back, about as far back as one can go since our mom’s exchanged newborn bliss in the hospital together. While the entire visit was hilariously fun, reminiscing about Acadia days and all, what stayed with me the most was our hug. 

Live like the Sun...

Even after all this time,

The Sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens

Making Miracles

What I love most about Berwick Camp is the experience of living in community. One of my favourite scenes is seeing friends gathered on doorsteps, sharing tea in old ratty rockers. Here for spiritual renewal, the quality of conversation quickly penetrates through typical superficialities, into the true reality of one’s life.

The power of ONE voice…

The year was 2007. The LaFarge Cement Plant located on Shortt’s Lake, just outside of Truro was busy making plans to economize on their fuel source by burning tires.


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