2012 Calendar Message

Jenny’s message for 2012, taken from the annual Breathing Space Yoga Studio Calendar:

As I read over my message for the 2011 calendar, I chuckled at the memory of thinking that my program writing for schools was complete. A year later, I have just finished my sixth program, publishing two of them with Thompson Educational Publishing Inc.

Just over ten years ago, I had returned from my first trip to India and was invited back to my former school in Vancouver to teach the kids what I had learned. Within five minutes of introducing full, deep, relaxing breathing, there was an announcement on the PA and the principal asked everyone to pause in silence to honor the tragic events of what had just occurred. The day was Sept. 11, 2001.

In that moment, knowing that I held a technology in my heart that could change the way we humans share this earth, I dedicated my life to spreading the timeless teachings of yoga. Fast forward ten years and yoga has miraculously taken root in the school system here in Nova Scotia.

In these pages you will meet the people involved at the ground level who made this revolutionary movement possible, the incredible teachers who are delivering the message and students who are the beautiful flowers blossoming in their care.

As has been predicted by many political and financial leaders, 2012 is shaping up to be a very difficult year in the history of humanity and planet Earth. We could very easily continue down the path of self destruction if we allow the momentum of greed, dispassion and fear to spread.

Alternatively, 2012 provides us with a very powerful opportunity to contribute to the unfolding of human consciousness.  When we are drawn to feed into the negative, dark things occurring at this time, we can get up off the couch, stop relying on others to drive this bus and stand for a better world. We do that by living and leading from the strength of our hearts.

We can together step through the portal of transformation into a paradigm of being that leads with love, harmony, laughter, and peace. This truly is our highest purpose, and our fullest potential. In order to pull this off, we need to fuel our souls with high quality nourishment by choosing carefully what we watch, what we read, and how we think, speak and act. 

From our studio leaders and instructors who tirelessly bring yoga to our communities, to school teachers and students who are blazing a new trail in the system, we are all helping to transition smoothly through this rough period into a more positive, conscious and unified humanity. 

This year, I invite you to join this magnificent movement that is making history as we align with the vibration of love, light and freedom. Thank you for taking action on your dreams for a safe, caring and loving world.


Jenny Kierstead
Founder of Breathing Space Yoga Studio




Jenny, all the best to you and Blair and the girls for 2012 and for continuing to offer your generous support to growing Yoga in our schools and communities. Namaste. Coleen